New Dog Bite Policy = Safety 24/7 at Consumers Energy

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MeterReadDogEach and every day, we strive to keep our communities and employees safe. As part of that commitment and due to an uptick of dog bites in the field, a new policy has been implemented to keep our employees safe on the job.  While we realize that not all animals fall into this ‘aggressive’ category – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

There are now three meter reading codes that can be added to accounts of customers with dogs. They include:

  • Customers who own dogs with no previous aggressive behavior must now restrain or contain their dog before the meter can be read.
  • Accounts identified as premises with dogs known to be aggressive will require verification from the owner that the dog is restrained, or the meter will not be read.
  • Customers with dogs that have exhibited aggressive behavior and who have bitten or otherwise injured an employee will only have their meter read with a police escort.

Additionally, customers have the option of reading their own meter and sharing the information with Consumers Energy. You can access or sign up for a free eServices account at Once enrolled, click on “My History,” then Energy Use, then on the Meter Reading Schedule tab. You also may get a meter reading schedule for your account by calling 1-800-477-5050.

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