Seize the Energy with Carpe Vigorem Newsletter for Students, Teachers

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In the latest Consumers Energy newsletter for students and teachers in Michigan, company engineer Rose Kallio talks about volunteering and how she found her career in engineering.

“I bring up to them a quote by Henry Ford that I live by: ‘whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right.'” – Rose Kallio, Consumers Energy employee and volunteer

You also can read how high schoolers are finding their careers through robotics, hear how more than 150 Cub Scouts earned the Energy Expert patch and create an experiment to learn how the force of water is used to generate electricity.

Carpe Vigorem ─ seize the energy! Read more in Carpe Vigorem ─ Spring 2013.

Looking for other fun ways to learn about energy education, check out our interactive games, in-school safety programs, lesson plans, coloring templates and other activities at the Consumers Energy Brain Station.

Providing energy education to students in the communities we serve. That’s our Promise to Michigan.

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