Helping Michigan Save Energy is Our Promise

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Energy efficiency programs offer easy opportunities to save energy and money.

These days you hear a lot about the value of using less energy.  Business leaders and politicians alike are advocating energy efficiency as a solid strategy for a future in which Michigan’s energy needs are met in a reliable and affordable manner.

Of course , you may be wondering why Consumers Energy encourages customers to use less energy.  After all, it’s the product that we make and sell. And selling more and more energy should be our goal, right? 

Meeting production and sales targets and encouraging energy efficiency are equally important. It’s clear that meeting the energy demands of our residential and business customers is a primary goal – one that will keep us thriving for many years to come. But it’s important to remember that helping our customers become more energy efficient also helps us stay competitive in an increasingly tough energy marketplace. 

The fact is, the cheapest form of energy is the energy we don’t have to generate. By improving energy efficiency and reducing waste in homes and businesses, we maximize the efficiency of our power plants without having to build additional facilities, which means we can continue to invest in our company, employees and in Michigan.

As part of our promise to deliver value to our customers, we are investing $660 million in energy efficiency programs over seven years.

The energy efficiency programs offered by Consumers Energy have saved residential customers more than $90 million in 2012. In addition, more than 50,000 Michigan businesses participated and are now experiencing the added savings that go directly to their bottom lines. 

Energy efficiency programs offered by Consumers Energy provide easy opportunities for customers to save energy and money:  

  • The appliance recycling program offers a $50 rebate and free pick up of working refrigerators and freezers
  • Hundreds of participating retailers apply instant cash rebates for CFL and LED light bulbs
  •  The Think! Energy program provides energy kits with CFLs and water flow restrictors to elementary students and a $100 grant to teachers who complete energy efficiency steps with parents
  •  Home energy audits replace inefficient lights with CFLs, wrap portions of hot water lines, install flow restrictors and provide the homeowner with a customized report identifying potential savings and other rebates
  •  Rebates include offers for purchasing ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances as well as window and insulation upgrades
  •  Additionally, targeted rebates and incentives are available to help businesses upgrade aging technology

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