See Your Business in a Whole New Light

Efficiency upgrades can help reduce energy costs, but the upfront investment can be significant. For smaller firms operating on a tight budget, are the potential savings worth it? Nothing illustrates a point better than a good example. The real-life example that follows below shows how a small business can significantly reduce operating costs through a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.


Hank Graff Chevrolet in Davison used the Consumers Energy Business Solutions team to help save money on parking lot lights for their dealership.

“We got involved in the Consumers Energy rebate program through the manufacturer of our LED parking lot lights,” said Chris Graff, general manager. “They told us about the rebate and helped us fill out all the paperwork.

“Consumers Energy gave us a check for $34,000 to offset the lights installation cost. That has helped us pay for the lights. But really what that has done is greatly reduced our monthly expenditures. Through the Consumers Energy rebate program and the new lights, we will be able to pay for a large expenditure just in energy savings in about three-year’s time.”

If you are considering a lighting upgrade, this simple lighting calculator can help you determine your potential energy cost savings.

Consumers Energy offers significant incentives to help you generate savings that go straight to your bottom line.

Select from a list of available lighting incentives and select a participating contractor or call (877) 607-0737 to learn more.

See your business in a whole new light!