National Girl Scout Cookie Day and Consumers Energy Expert Patches

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scouts_right_img-patchesAs the nation celebrates National Girl Scout Cookie Day today, we wanted to congratulate all the Michigan  scouts who earned an Energy Expert patch from Consumers Energy during the last year.

The Girl Scouts of the USA are about much more than delicious cookies sold in the springtime. Founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low, the Girl Scouts embrace many of the same ideals that also drive Consumers Energy: leadership, safety, volunteerism, teamwork, community involvement and environmental protection.

Approximately one in every two adult women (49 percent) in the U.S. has been a Girl Scout, and currently an estimated 59 million American women are Girl Scout alumnae.

Michigan is home to three Girl Scout organizations: Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore-to-Shore in the northwest, Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan through the south, and Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan.

In addition to encouraging employees to volunteer their time to troop activities, Consumers Energy also supports Michigan Girl Scout troops by providing opportunities for scouts to earn Energy Expert patches.

“Young people crave positive recognition for their efforts, and the badges satisfy this desire,” said Antonette Noakes, senior rate analyst II and 10-year Girl Scout volunteer. “They enable us to focus on the positive of every girl and encourage them to learn skills, behaviors, habits and attitudes that will add to their future success.”

To earn the Energy Expert patch, Scouts must complete a number of activities concerning electric and natural gas safety, energy use, careers in energy and types of fuel and energy sources.

We even host events throughout the year to give scouts opportunities to earn these patches with the help of Consumers Energy employees. The girls are able to tour facilities, conduct science experiments, watch equipment demonstrations and learn about jobs in the utility field from the people who do them.

“Consumers Energy has been very supportive of the Girl Scouts and I believe there are youth in our communities who will be more successful as a result,” Noakes said.

To learn more about Consumers Energy’s continued support of the Girl Scouts, visit our Scout page.

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