Consumers Energy Encourages Suppliers to Join Pure Michigan Business Connect Initiative

Consumers Energy encourages suppliers to start a “buy Michigan first” program to help grow Michigan. Click image to watch video.

Consumers Energy is encouraging its suppliers and vendors to join it in supporting the State of Michigan’s Pure Michigan Business Connect initiative.

“We’re asking our suppliers to consider starting a “buy Michigan first” program, just as we’ve done here at Consumers Energy.  Let’s work together to grow Michigan,” said Dan Malone, senior vice president, distribution and customer operations.

Consumers Energy recently doubled to $500 million its commitment to purchase Michigan-made goods and services over five years. To-date under this initiative, Consumers Energy has made payments of $225 million and awarded 517 contracts to 237 suppliers located in 81 cities in the state.

Mike Finney, president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, said that Consumers Energy’s action to encourage suppliers to “buy Michigan first” will put more state residents back on the payroll and help state firms sell more goods and services.

“We know that Pure Michigan Business Connect is driving up employment and encouraging business growth.  We appreciate Consumers Energy’s ongoing leadership role in this program,” Finney said.

Consumers Energy hosted a Supplier Summit in East Landing on Dec. 12. VIDEO: Pure Michigan Business Connect Supplier Summit

Ideal Contracting LLC, a Detroit-based company, attended its first Supplier Summit one year ago.  Ideal Contracting subsequently received a contract for services from Consumers Energy.

“Ideal Contracting was built in Detroit.  Investing in our community and in Michigan has helped us grow as a business. Our commitment to the City and the State continues as we build for other Michigan-based businesses, like Consumers Energy,” said Dan Kovoch, Vice President/ General Manager, Ideal Contracting LLC.

“These key opportunities allow us to expand our employee base and trade labor team, as well as providing new capital for our equipment and fabrication abilities. So much of what Michigan has to offer has made Ideal Contracting what we are today.”

Companies interested in learning more about Pure Michigan Business Connect are encouraged to visit the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s website, or Consumers Energy at

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