Honoring Utility Workers Safety Awareness Day

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It is a privilege people never want to lose; it can be fatal if not handled appropriately; at a certain age we train for it and get licensed to operate this machine. Can you guess what important action this is?Roadside Safety

If you answered driving, you are correct!

Fighting the distracted driving battle has struck a chord in the hearts of employees at Consumers Energy. Earlier this year we lost one of our own to a distracted driver. A constant question we ask is “how do we get the public to see us on the road?”

Michigan legislation passed Public Act 296, which increased penalties for drivers that injure or kill anyone in a work zone, including utility workers. Public Acts 268 and 269 were expanded in 2008 because of Andy’s Law.

We have been dedicated to helping battle distracted driving. Today, December 6th, along with the State of Michigan we recognize Utility Workers Safety Awareness Day.

We are asking for your help in this fight against distracted driving, not only on this day, but every day! Utility workers are parents, sisters, brothers, and children. The next time you start your vehicle, please remember “When you Buckle Up, Hang Up!” Distracted driving is a preventative action – let’s all consciously focus on making driving safely our number one priority.

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