Survey on Regional Energy Plan for Northwest Michigan

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The Grand Vision Energy Network invites you to take a 12-minute online survey to help develop a regional energy plan for Northwest Michigan.

The Grand Vision has brought together more than 12,000 citizens who care about the quality of life in Northwest Michigan. One of the outcomes of this work has been the creation of the Grand Vision Energy Network comprised of individuals, businesses, non-profits, and local units of government that are currently working toward developing a regional energy plan.

Please help guide a shared energy future by completing the survey…in just 12 minutes. To thank you for your time, The Grand Vision Energy Network offers you the option of entering a sweepstakes to win a Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa Season Ski or Golf Pass.

To complete the survey, please visit

The main goal of the Energy Network can be summed up in one word – education. The aim is to educate the citizens of northwest lower Michigan on a wide variety of energy topics so they can make informed decisions about the region’s energy future and their own personal energy choices. Energy is responsible for our quality of life in Michigan and these issues affect every one of us. The Energy Network consistently offers a chance for people to involve and educate themselves on these issues through meetings, outreach and other events.

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