Consumers Energy Helps Saginaw Little League Play Safe

The North Saginaw Little League opened its season on April 27 with new fencing and a new sign made possible by Consumers Energy.

“The township and Little League are ecstatic that they now have a large 5-foot by 10-foot professional sign,” said Rob Bourgeois, Consumers Energy east zone land manager.

The park sits on 23 acres of company property, east of a Consumers Energy substation. The substation occupies about three acres.

“In the 1950s, the company licensed the substation property to Saginaw Township for a park,” Bourgeois explained. “In the 1960s the Little League started using it. Over the course of six decades, the park evolved into a gorgeous baseball complex.”

The park has five baseball diamonds, lights, two concession stands, concrete block dugouts, stations for scorers, and electronic scoreboards on two fields.

After receiving a phone call in 2011 that the Little League wanted to build a new concession stand at the park, Bourgeois and employees went to take a look.

That visit revealed some public safety concerns. A fence in the outfield needed to be relocated. Changes also needed to be made to safely allow access to company equipment to allow them to continue to use the facility.

Consumers, Saginaw Township, and the North Saginaw Township Little League worked together, and the changes were completed one week before opening day at the ballpark.

Most residents, including the groundskeeper, didn’t know that the property belonged to Consumers Energy. Bourgeois asked if they would like a sign for the park.

“Three generations have played ball there,” Bourgeois said. “We want people to know we’re part of the reason the park is there.”

It’s time to play ball!