Two Schools Receive Over $300,000 in Energy Efficiency Incentives

Holt Public Schools received a $213,756 incentive rebate for lighting upgrades.

Yesterday we presented a $213,756 incentive rebate check to Holt Public Schools under our energy efficiency program which is part of Michigan’s Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act of 2008.

Holt Public Schools received the rebates for lighting upgrades made to several school locations in their district to reduce its electric consumption. The school district also used a portion of the incentive to make mechanical upgrades to reduce its natural gas consumption. As a result of these improvements, Holt Public Schools will save an estimated $247,100 annually.

A $104,511 incentive rebate check was also presented yesterday to Blissfield Community Schools for HVAC renovations throughout the district to reduce natural gas and electric consumption. As a result of these improvements, the Blissfield Community School District will save an estimated $41,000 in natural gas and $26,500 in electricity annually.