Videos Explain Benefits Available from DHS and Application Process

The DHS Contact Center, in concert with DHS Office of Communications, has developed four new videos that help explain the DHS application process, how to use the MIBridges application, what is necessary to verify an assistance application, and how to use the MARS application to estimate benefits for which a person or family may qualify. The videos, which are about two minutes long, are available at the DHS YouTube page:

Where to Find and Fill Out the DHS Application

How To Use MIBridges Online

What Do I Need to Verify When I Apply for Assistance?

How To…See Benefits You and Your Family May Qualify For

The final video explains how to use the Michigan Assistance and Referral Service, commonly known as MARS. This application can help someone estimate the benefits they and their family may qualify for, based on information they provide. The videos are easy to view, simply stated, and only take a couple of minutes to view. They are not step-by-step instructional videos, but a guide to help applicants through the process. These are helpful resources you can share with those who may need assistance in the coming months.