How To Obtain Permission To Use Consumers Energy Land

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As one of the state’s largest landowners, we get a lot of questions about using Consumers Energy property. There are a few ways we give permission to adjacent property owners to use our land for purposes such as farming, pasture, lawn or garden:

Lease – A lease is an agreement where Con­sumers Energy gives the right of possession to another party for a specified period of time and a specific rent. Leases can be transferred to another party with Consumer Energy’s permission.

License – A license is an agreement where Consumers Energy gives a right to another party (usually an adjoining property owner) for the use of our property for a specific pur­pose and specified annual fee. The license can be terminated at any time. A license cannot be transferred. Each new owner must apply to Consumers Energy for a new license.

Issuance of a written license is required for legal and liability reasons. Licenses are gener­ally granted to municipalities, governmental agencies and individuals, allowing for con­struction and/or maintenance of facilities.

Permits: The company generally grants temporary crossing or working permits when requests are made with sufficient notice and when MISS DIG has been contacted.

If you are interested in using our land, you must complete an application for a lease, license or permit and submit it to us with the following:

  • A written request stating your intended use of the land
  • A copy of the legal description for the adja­cent property you own. A parcel ID number or Tax ID number is not acceptable. Your property description can usually be found on a tax bill, deed, or on the survey you may have obtained when you bought your property
  • A map, even hand-drawn, depicting the property in question in relation to the near­est major crossroads is desirable and will quicken our response.
  • Your full name, address and daytime phone number. Pager numbers are not accepted

Applications for leases and licenses can take up to 60 days or more to process. Receipt of your request will be confirmed by mail or telephone within five workdays of receipt in our office.

Pedestrian Trails

Occasionally we work with local communities and nonprofit organizations to permit the use of company land for hiking and bicycle trails. If the application is approved, we offer a revocable license that runs indefi­nitely until cancelled by either party. Before giving permission for a trail, we evaluate system line maintenance, repair and future line expansion plans.

When the needs of maintaining safe and reli­able service to our customers permit, when no additional costs to the company are incurred and where the trail has the popular support of adjoining landowners, trail projects with a sound plan are likely to receive approval.

If you are interested in applying for a lease, license or permit, please call 1-800-477-5050. Our brochure “A Guide to Consumers Energy Land:  To Our Michigan Neighbors,” provides detailed information on the use of our property.

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