No Hunting Allowed on Consumers Energy Property

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With the coming of fall and hunting season gearing up in Michigan, it’s a good time to remind people hunting is not allowed on Consumers Energy property. The intent of the ban is to protect our neighbors, workers and others while addressing a concern neighboring landowners have that irresponsible hunters will use our property to trespass.

Hunters, hikers and others should remember that Consumers Energy property is private land, not public property. It should be treated the same as other private property. If you see anyone hunting on our land, contact your local law enforcement agency, or our corporate security office at 1-800-760-3295.

One continuing problem we have on our land is people building deer blinds and placing bait piles.  If our field representatives discover a blind it will be “red tagged” and subject to demolition and removal within seven days. Cost of removal will be charged to the owner of the blind when ownership can be determined.  Last year about 40 trespassing blinds were tagged across the state. 

Consumers Energy does not rent land for hunting purposes, or provide verbal or written permission to do so. We do offer rewards of varying amounts for information leading to the arrest and arraignment of anyone who damages or destroys our equipment or property with gunshots. Information about gunshot vandalism can also be given to local law enforcement agencies or our corporate security department at 1-800-760-3295.

Special hunting provisions do apply to Consumers Energy-owned lands bordering the AuSable, Manistee and Muskegon river hydroelectric plant reservoirs, where hunting is permitted.  However, construction of hunting blinds and target shooting, baiting, burning and fire pits are strictly prohibited on all Consumers Energy lands.  In addition, the use of dirt bikes, ATVs or other off-road vehicles is not allowed on our property due to potential damage to natural resources and utility equipment as well as danger to drivers and passengers.

Consumers Energy is one of the largest private landowners in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  We own more than 12,000 miles of electric and natural gas rights-of-way, and maintain additional easement rights on another 86,000 miles of electric and natural gas rights-of-way. Our brochure “A Guide to Consumers Energy Land:  To Our Michigan Neighbors,” provides detailed information on the use of our property.

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