Help Us Spread the Word About Calling 811

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Click on the picture to get a pdf of a poster you can print and display where residents get permits or pay bills.

A major cause of pipeline damage is someone accidentally striking an underground pipeline. This is a serious safety threat and can lead to personal harm, physical damages and financial losses. Professional excavators and homeowners planning to dig should always call 811 at least three working days before starting any digging project.

Help us spread the word about the importance of calling 811 before you dig. Print off the poster displayed on the right and post it in areas where residents get permits or pay bills. One easy call gets free staking of underground utility lines and helps reduce the chance of injury and expense. This will help remind your residents to call MISS DIG even for routine jobs, such as planting shrubs or trees, replacing a mailbox post or installing a fence or a deck.

You should also remind residents that MISS DIG will mark lines that utilities own (the main line to the meter). The customer/property owner is responsible for maintenance and operation of all gas or electric lines that flow from the meter to all appliances. This includes gas and electric lines to your yard lights, grills, pool and spa heaters, garages, workshops or other similar areas. A mechanical contractor can help mark those lines. Customers who have an outdoor sprinkler system will also need to mark those lines.

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