Custom Energy Efficiency Projects Can Create Big Savings and Incentives for Natural Gas Customers

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Since the Consumers Energy Business Solutions energy efficiency program began in 2009, custom projects have been an important piece of energy efficiency plans for business customers. Prescriptive measures cover the “standard” natural gas equipment we all use like boilers and water heaters, but custom projects shine when it comes to big energy savings.

Small in number, these projects are big in size with the average annual gas savings being almost 5,800 Mcf per project. Those savings can have a big impact on the bottom line when it comes to your energy expenses.

The projects have ranged over all industries and types of equipment. We’ve seen custom incentive rebates for broilers and ovens for commercial kitchens, new windows, insulation and other building envelope improvements. Other custom projects included grain dryers and thermal screens for agricultural applications, boilers and boiler sequencing controls, air compression system upgrades, and heat recovery systems.

HVAC systems are also popular custom projects where customers have converted steam plants to direct fired gas units, installed demand control ventilation and energy management systems, and variable volume intake air controls.

Essentially, if your project uses less energy than what it is replacing, it may qualify for a custom incentive under the Business Solutions program. See if your project follows the 3 “S’s” and contact the program team to see if you qualify:

  • Story – What is the story behind your project? What do you do, what are you replacing, what is the new equipment?
  • Strategy – What is the strategy for the energy savings? New equipment? Controls? Process Design?
  • Savings – How much energy will the new strategy save you?

Visit our Business Solutions website or call 1-877-607-0737 to find out more.

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