Introducing the Smart Buildings Program from Consumers Energy

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Is your building operating as efficiently as it could be? Even with the best control systems, a building can lose its adjustment over time and become less efficient, which can cost you money. Occupant comfort levels may be impacted resulting in lower productivity. As a building owner, there is something you can do to get your building operating at peak efficiency – take the Facility IQ Test as part of the Consumers Energy Smart Buildings Program.

The Smart Buildings Program is dedicated to help customers identify and implement cost-effective operations and maintenance (O&M) strategies to achieve their energy efficiency goals and to assist them in earning the ENERGY STAR® label. The Smart Buildings Program uses O&M reviews and traditional existing building commissioning to help customers optimize the energy efficiency of their existing systems. The O&M reviews are particularly effective at identifying low-cost/no cost opportunities with quick paybacks. The 2011 program will focus on the O&M reviews as the primary incentive offering, while extending an existing building commissioning offer for the facilities that are in the greatest need of additional investigations.

This program is designed for large facilities served by Consumers Energy electric and/or natural gas with at least one meter on an eligible rate structure. Program Benefits Include:

  • Low and no cost – quick payback measures
  • Prioritization of energy efficiency improvements/planning
  • Identify potential and best path for ENERGY STAR® certification

Jump start towards integrating Portfolio Manager with Energy Management Program The Business Solutions Program includes the following project requirements:

  • Purchase electrical and/or natural gas service from Consumers Energy
  • Qualifying facilities should have 75,000 square feet or more of conditioned area
  • Qualifying facilities must have a building automation system with direct digital controls
  • Preferred facilities will have central heating and cooling plants
  • Facilities must have a dedicated facility staff to assist with the program
  • Facility owners will be required to commit $5,000 towards the implementation of all low-cost or quick payback measures identified by the Facility IQ Test. Customers eligible for commissioning will be required to commit up to $15,000 towards additional implementation

Funds are limited for this program and applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The total number of participants will be determined by the size and type of facilities that apply. To learn more about the Smart Buildings Program or to request an application, call the Consumers Energy Smart Buildings hotline at 1-877-607-0737, or e-mail us at Make sure to put “Smart Buildings Program” in the subject line.

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