CMS Energy One of the Largest Taxpayers in the State

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Environmental upgrades to generating plants were part of the $1 billion invested in Michigan in the last year.

Recent reports that CMS Energy did not pay any federal income tax last year have overlooked the fact that the company paid more than $200 million in state and local taxes and remains one of the largest tax payers in the state. Here are a few key points to answer questions you may hear in your community.

  • CMS Energy (Consumers Energy) invested $1 billion in the Michigan last year which enabled the company to use tax incentives put in place by Congress in the 2008 stimulus bill. This was a factor resulting in no federal income tax for 2010.
  • At $1 billion last year CMS Energy was among the very largest investors in Michigan during a challenging recession. Over the next five years, CMS Energy plans on investing $6 billion in Michigan in cleaner air, renewable energy, smart grid technology, and electric and natural gas reliability.
  • CMS Energy paid $26 million in state and local income tax last year.
  • CMS Energy paid $180 million in personal property tax last year in Michigan. The company is one of the largest taxpayers in the state. By contrast, municipal electric utilities are not required to pay personal property or other taxes.
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