Energy Efficiency Rebate Availability Increases for 2011

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The Consumers Energy energy optimization program will increase investment in all business programs in 2011 and increase the availability of rebates for commercial and industrial customers. As a result of Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Order U-16412 on Dec. 2, 2010, energy optimization surcharges also have changed, effective with the January 2011 billing month.

Large electric commercial and industrial (C&I) customers on average should expect an increase of up to 0.4 percent on their monthly bill, depending on usage.  C&I natural gas customers, averaging less than 100,000 Mcf should expect a decrease of about 0.5 percent. Gas customers using more than 100,000 Mcf may expect an increase of about 0.1 percent. The surcharges are designed to recover incremental costs associated with our current Energy Optimization plan.  The only changes made to pricing were to the prices of the surcharges themselves; the customer groupings remain the same.

Public Act 295 of 2008 requires all-electric and natural gas utilities in Michigan to establish energy optimization programs designed to save money by reducing the future costs of providing electric and natural gas to customers. In particular, programs are designed to delay the need for construction of new electric generating facilities and thereby protect customers from incurring the costs of such construction. Customers who participate in the energy optimization programs could save even more through reduced energy use and incentives.

If you have questions regarding the energy optimization surcharges, you should talk to your customer account manager or call our Business Center at (800) 805-0490. You can also get the latest information on our energy optimization program and available incentives at

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