Get Ready for Plug-in Electric Vehicles

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With plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) coming on the market soon, prospective buyers are asking us about options they have to charge their PEV at their home. To answer some of those questions, we recently launched to help those interested in a PEV to be plug-in ready.

This special website has PEV rate information, incentives, frequently asked questions and a “Get Plug-in Ready” checklist.  The new site provides details behind our PEV at-home charging rates and the necessary tools to make the transition to electric-vehicle ownership.  The rates, recently approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission, take effect Nov. 1.

Consumers Energy is ready to meet the needs of new PEV owners as cars arrive at dealer showrooms.  Automotive companies will direct customers who reside in Consumers Energy’s electric service territory to the PEV website for at-home charging information. The website features six different areas, covering items ranging from PEV basics to details of the “time-of-use” pricing program for charging PEVs.

Consumers Energy’s PEV rate program includes a $2,500 incentive toward the installation of an in-home station for faster charging. Details on the incentive program, available for up to 2,500 customers, can be found on the website.

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