2010 Energy Efficiency Incentives for Heating and Cooling Equipment End, But Potential Energy Savings Continue

Many in your community have taken advantage of our energy efficiency programs – so much so that the funding for the Heating, Cooling and Water Heating program has been used up and the program for 2010 has closed. Only applications postmarked on or before Sept. 30, 2010 will continue to be processed and considered for a rebate.

Your residents still may take advantage of Federal tax credits on qualifying appliances and equipment purchased in 2010. For more details, your residents may review our Frequently Asked Questions or visit our website at www.consumersenergy.com.

We will continue to update this information on our website to help keep customers informed. Plus, we’ll include updates on the new and expanded program for 2011, which is scheduled to begin Jan. 1, 2011.

Your residents still may benefit from efficiency measures through the savings on their energy bill. Our website features a Home Analyzer Tool that helps analyze energy use and offers ways to save. There’s also a page with tips and resources to help your residents reduce their energy bill and a page dedicated to helping control energy costs.