Programs Bring Energy Education to Thousands of Students

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Now that school is open,  we are in the process of making final preparations and plans this year to reach 13,000 students with our educational safety programs. If your local schools are not familiar with this program, the descriptions and links below will help them get oriented to what we have to offer. Some of these programs are also available for community groups.

Free Safety Programs for Schools and Students
We have two safety programs, Hazard Hamlet and Respect the Flags, which align with Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations and help students learn safety measures and messages they can share at home. Hazard Hamlet is available in 17 counties; Respect the Flags is available in 16 counties. Schools may see which counties each program covers and request presentations by using the links below.

Hazard Hamlet Consumers Energy began presenting this program in 1994 which has been seen by nearly 175,000 Michigan students. It uses a three-dimensional display and reality-based scenarios to teach children about the importance of electrical safety. It highlights the serious dangers that occur when coming in contact with power lines or being careless while using electrical appliances. Students have the opportunity to try on the protective gear that Consumers Energy lineworkers wear! Hazard Hamlet is a 50-minute presentation for third- and fourth-grade students.

Respect the Flags Consumers Energy began presenting this program in 2001 which has been seen by more than 65,000 Michigan students. It teaches students about underground utility lines and natural gas safety. Students discover the meaning behind the colored flags used to mark underground lines. Students learn the dangers that may occur if the pipelines are broken, while focusing on how to recognize a natural gas leak and how to react. Students also learn to call 811 three business days before any digging project, and how underground lines are located and kept safe. Respect the Flags is a 45-minute presentation for students in second through fifth grade.

Think! Energy
Consumers Energy, in a collaborative effort with the Michigan Department of Education and the National Energy Foundation, taught more than 13,000 4th, 5th and 6th grade Michigan students at 120 schools last spring to make smart choices when it comes to using energy. Each student who participated in the Think! Energy program received a kit including CFL light bulbs, high-efficiency showerhead, faucet aerator and energy-efficient night light to take home. The Think! Energy program is one part of Consumers Energy’s comprehensive energy efficiency program, which was launched in accordance with Michigan’s Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act of 2008. See a short video clip of a presentation.

On-line, Any Time
Sharpen your energy knowledge with a trip to Consumers Energy’s Brain Station. Brain Station is an on-line place to have fun while learning about energy and energy safety. Brain Station has content appropriate for students, teachers, parents and scouts to learn about energy efficiency, renewable energy and more. Students can play games like “Electrical and Natural Gas Safety World” and “Hazards of Voltageville.”  There are links to coloring templates and our annual Safety Calendar. Brain Station is a great resource for help with energy-related homework and science projects. Check it out today!

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